All about Brow Lamination

All about Brow Lamination

There’s a new kid on the block and it can give you full brows instantly!

It’s BROW LAMINATION and I’m so excited about offering it at my studio!


What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a chemical straighter for your brows. It’s a setting solution but instead of curling the hair we straighten the brows to help the brow hair stay lifted and have a brushed up effect for up to 8 weeks.

How does eyebrow lamination work?

At Debi Brows Lamination involves three different treatment solutions.

First a Straightening cream is brushed through eyebrow hairs to make them softer.

Second, the brows are brushed into the desired position and a ‘laminating’ solution is applied, to keep the strands in place.

Lastly, a conditioning keratin formula is applied to help the brows stay hydrated.

The solutions are processed under plastic wrap and how long this takes depends on how thick your brows are to start with.

Results vary

Benefits for those with thicker brows, lamination will fix thick hairs in place, with a hold that no product could previously deliver.

Benefits for those with finer brows: It will help give the appearance of slightly fuller brows and the hairs that are there can be styled to cover any sparse areas, or can be tinted.

How long does brow lamination last for?

Depends on eyebrow hair cycle. Like your eyelashes, your brow hairs have a hair renewal cycle during which old hairs fall out and new hairs come in. Most people will have a growth cycle of around 30 days, so your brow lamination can last anywhere from three to 8 weeks!

Brow lamination after care

You’ll need to keep your brows dry and away from heat and steam for 24 hours – no washing your hair or exercising (I know, bummer).

Brushing your brows daily with a clean spoolie and applying a serum or oil onto the brows to keep the hair hydrated.

Brow lamination risks/side effects

Brow lamination isn’t for everyone. This technique only works if you already have brow hairs to be lifted, so those with very thin or non-existent brows would be better suited to microblading.

If you’ve ever had a severe reaction to eyebrow tinting or your skin is highly sensitive, it’s also probably not for you.

Learn how to get at an allergy patch test before lamination here. It's easy and it only takes a minute!

You also need to be mindful of having your eyebrows laminated within two weeks of having any skin peels or cosmetic facial procedures.

I’m super excited and can’t wait to see you all at my studio to get a brow lamination done! I know you’ll love it! Or...

Brow lamination at home

You can kiss your unruly brows goodbye and hello to sleek, perfectly styled arches. The Debi Brows Brow Relax Lift Kit is your secret weapon for brows that wow.

Three Components, Endless Possibilities: Our Brow Relax Lift Kit comes complete with three essential components, each expertly formulated to relax, lift, and set your brows, leaving them beautifully sculpted and long-lasting.

1️⃣ Brow Perm: A gentle yet effective formula that relaxes your brow hairs, making them more pliable for styling.

2️⃣ Brow Fix: Elevate your brows to new heights with our lifting solution, creating the perfect arch and enhancing their natural beauty.

3️⃣ Brow Nourishing: Lock in the magic! Our setting solution ensures that your freshly styled brows stay flawlessly in place, all day, every day.

Experience the transformative power of the Brow Relax Lift Kit and embrace your brows' full potential. Elevate your beauty routine and unlock brow perfection effortlessly.



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