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Debi Brows

Debi Brows' Brow Bestie

Debi Brows' Brow Bestie

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Meet your Brow Bestie: the partner for brows that dominate day and night. Flaunt flawless arches - strong hold, no mess. Quick-drying, invisible formula. Natural or bold, Brow Bestie has your back. Get ready to seize the day with Stunning brows!

Features That'll Delight Your Brows:

🌟 Strong Hold: Tames brows flawlessly.

💨 Quick-Dry: Speedy formula for swift glam.

👻 Clear Finish: No residue, just perfection.

🎨 Versatile Style: From chic to bold, own it.

🏃 All-Day Power: Savage through anything.

 Brow How? 

  1. Start by wiping off any extra Brow Glue from the applicator as you take it out of the tube. We're aiming for perfectly balanced brows, no extra fuss! 💁‍♀️

    1. Sweep the applicator through your brows, shaping them to your vibe. Just one pass per spot, though – no overdoing the artistry! 🎨

    2. Time for a quick breather! Let the magic happen – wait a few seconds for the gel to work its charm and lock those brows in place. Ta-da! Brow goals achieved! 🎉

    #DebiBrows Tip: Hey Brow Besties! Brow Glue's ultimate move: it's the finisher after your go-to brow goodies. Fill in with your faves – pencil, pomade, powder – and seal it with the magic of Brow Glue. Your brows, but even better! 💁‍♀️💖


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